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Gravity Jack Announces PoindextAR Technology, Unlocking AR For Any Real World Object

Gravity Jack Announces PoindextAR Technology, Unlocking AR For Any Real World Object

Gravity Jack Announces PoindextAR Technology, Unlocking AR For Any Real World Object

Gravity Jack, a private research, design and development firm specializing in augmented reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision, has pioneered a solution to the AR industry’s biggest challenge: the ability to detect and augment everyday objects — no markers required.

PoindextAR, a neural network-based computer vision technology revolutionizing how augmented reality is created and experienced, gives any device with a camera the ability to instantly understand, in real time, any real world object and the pose of that object — regardless of size, texture, movement, lighting conditions or other common augmented reality challenges.

Augmented reality — an industry that is estimated by Digi-Capital research to reach $90 billion by 2020 — is a technology that allows digital information to be displayed seamlessly over the real world. While commercial and entertainment use cases are sure to benefit in the long run, it is widely anticipated that the growing impact of AR will be driven by initial adoption within the industrial manufacturing, maintenance, automotive and medical industries. Most notably, providing entire workforces with the critical data they need, in precisely the right place, at the right time.

The company’s technology, developed quietly over a number of years, has been proven to effectively measure the six degrees of freedom(6DOF) pose for any object, using only a single image or video frame. PoindextAR is hardware agnostic and deployable to current mobile phones or augmented reality head mounted displays (HMD). This means that the technology is capable of not only understanding the presence of an object within a field of view, but also its precise position and placement within the scene.

“By using AI, PoindextAR sees objects much like humans do, only better, which eliminates all the current problems with Augmented Reality,” says Luke Richey, Gravity Jack’s founder and president.

“Whether it’s walking our deployed men and women of the military, step by step, through time-sensitive repairs, improving the accuracy and efficiency of industrial manufacturing lines or helping medical students visualize and practice complex surgeries without the inherent risk, PoindextAR is putting critical information anywhere it’s needed — instantly.”

Gravity Jack is utilizing the technology as a part of a highly selective pilot program, in partnership with leaders in various industries. By providing successful executions for the technology within specific verticals, Gravity Jack and its portfolio of partners seek to pave the way for AR as a proven tool, offering increased accuracy, efficiency and safety.

“Our industry is shifting,” shares Steve Brooks, P.E., director of business development at University Mechanical Contractors, Inc., a PoindextAR partner.

“We are building incredibly sophisticated virtual models to ensure a depiction of the owner’s vision for our products. PoindextAR will provide us the ability to build these physical systems while immersed in the model. The ability of PoindextAR to recognize objects specific to our business puts the information where it is most useful – in the hands of our craftsman. The result is enhanced workplace safety, a boost in productivity and a invaluable tool that gets us that last inch to zero rework.”

Gravity Jack is scheduled to present its PoindextAR technology at the 8th annual Augmented World Expo (AWE), beginning May 31, 2017 in Santa Clara, California, with additional presentations being scheduled over the coming months.

Those interested in learning more about Gravity Jack’s PoindextAR technology, seeing a demo or applying to the partner program, are encouraged to visit the company’s website, located at https://gravityjack.com/poindextAR.


Founded in 2009, Gravity Jack is a private research, design and development firm, specializing in augmented reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision. The company’s proprietary PoindextAR™ technology blends artificial intelligence and computer vision, giving any computing device the ability to accurately detect and track any real world object, regardless of size, texture, transparency, lighting conditions or other previous AR challenges. In addition to its research and development work, the team works to create custom solutions for some of the world’s most respected names, including Ford Motor Company, Coca-Cola, the United States Department of Defense and many more. Gravity Jack is headquartered in Liberty Lake, Washington, with a second office located in Denver, Colorado.

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