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Augmented Reality


Trusted AR Solutions For Nearly A Decade

We've been pioneering AR since 2009.

Augmented Reality (AR) gives you the ability to blend the digital world and the real world through your mobile device. The possibilities are endless!

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You can apply AR to anything from promoting your brand to an interactive tool for employees.
• Trade Show/Events
• Entertainment
• Sports
• Traditional Advertising
• Catalogues/Magazines
• Directly on packaging or product
• In Store
• Medical
• Education & Training
• Construction
• Facilities Management
• Architecture, Design, Prototyping
• Manuals
• Manufacturing

Expect More Than Development

We're not just developers. We create the technology itself.

Our clients demand the most powerful, professional augmented reality that exists.

In addition to our services, Gravity Jack's full-time research and development team ensures that clients like you are powered by the most cutting-edge solutions available.

Need To Get Rid Of Markers?

We've unlocked AR for any real world object.

Our team has cracked the code with our Adroit™ platform. From screws to skyscrapers, you can finally Augment Anything™.

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Adroit Mobile App Mock
Gravity Jack work for Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Save Money, Time...and lives

AR is streamlining entire industries.

Augmented Reality has been proven to increase engagement, boost safety, speed completion of tasks and greatly reduce errors. Our team helps you strategize the perfect approach, and guides your solution every step of the way.

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