Contact research sees the future of augmented reality…literally.

As if Starbucks, Amazon, and a number of other companies releasing augmented reality apps this month isn’t enough to convince you we’re coming up in the world, just before Thanksgiving, yet another huge stride was made within the world of augmented reality, and it’s sure to further blur the lines, between the possible now…versus the future. We’re proud to say it’s happening right here, in our home state, too.
You may have heard about interest within the augmented reality world, regarding the future of eyewear, and how glasses will soon become a valid option for viewing augmented reality space. You may have also seen one of the Terminator films, and wondered if, during your lifetime, augmented vision would be an option. Well, we’re here to say, you can go ahead and move those thoughts from wonders…to expectations.
Last week, some information was posted on research being done in the realm of contact lenses, and these aren’t your typical 1-800-CONTACT lenses.  A research team, led by Babak Praviz of the University of Washington, has designed and effectively (and healthily) tested contact lenses, able to display pixel information, while being comfortably worn.
Basically, “by George, they’ve done it.”
Here’s a photo of the lens, and the lens in action…and just in case you’re grossed out, that’s not a bad case of pink eye…it’s a rabbit’s eye:

(photo: Institute of Physics)
The lenses, that were tested on the eyes of several bunnies, were worn comfortably and able to effectively display a pixel, as shown in the image. The lenses receive information, as well as their power, wirelessly, allowing them to be worn, free of any kind of attached hardware.
While the research team argues that there are already uses for contact lenses able to display one pixel, the obvious question is, “What’s next?”
So, how long until we see this kind of thing?

It’s hard to say. Seeing it to this extent is obviously a bit further down the line; regardless, we’re excited about the research and forward movement in an industry that is sure to change our lives, every day. Feel free to sound off below, and let us know what your gut reaction is.
Check out the full article on the lenses, here.
– Jack