Lady Gaga Augmented Reality Mobile Video Demo — Gravity Jack
Check it out… This Lady Gaga augmented reality video demonstrates our patented Natural Feature Tracking (NFT) technology.  It allows your camera to recognize existing artwork, pictures and logos – then place content on top of it.  In this particular demo we show our unique mobile AR video technology.  In addition to videos – we can render animated 3D characters and even game interactions.


FYI – These are the types of markers we currently support:
  1. Fiduciary Markers (AR Markers) — these are square-bordered markers with images or branding in the center.
  2. Quick Augmented Reality (QAR) markers — these are QR codes with our trademarked, square border wrapped around them.  These allow users who are familiar with QR codes to scan them and be redirected to the appropriate application for viewing the augmented reality content.
  3. Image Target (uses NFT as seen in the video above) — these are just ordinary images (ie. Lady Gaga poster) that we can recognize.
    1. Pros: The advantage of these is that they can be partially obscured and they still work. Also – they are not as unattractive as the other two markers.  Another pro is – a client can use existing images, logos, artwork and ads.
    2. Cons: A user is less likely to know that they can access the AR using an image if there is not something pointing them to it – which is why Fiduciary Markers & QARs are more likely to spark the interest/wonder of what it does.  (we bring this up as something to think about when selling to clients – if a client chooses NFT, it’s important we guide people to the AR piece of it in an effective way)

shake and bake – Jack