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Effectomy AR Health Education

Effectomy is a comprehensive use-case completed by Gravity Jack for a mobile application that uses augmented reality to help educate both medical students and seasoned professionals about prescription medications and their effects on the body. By placing a 3D model of a skeleton on any surface within their environment, users can select from a wide variety of medicines and watch as animations indicate what organs and/or body parts are affected from that particular medication. The driving force behind Effectomy is to help simplify and demystify the positive and negative effects that come from taking certain medications.

The Project

Effectomy is more than just an app. It’s a verified and trusted source of knowledge that informs consumers about the medication(s) that they are currently taking or are thinking about taking. This project came to Gravity Jack as a simple concept to help educate users on the potential side effects of prescription medications. After undergoing Gravity Jack’s all-inclusive discovery, analysis, and design (DAD) phase it became a full-blown ready-to-develop application with user stories, wire-frames, technology specifications, and much more!

In addition to in-depth explanations about possible side effects, Effectomy features the futuristic technology of augmented reality (AR). The integration of AR helps the app users visualize what organs and parts may be affected by a certain medication(s). To start, users place a dynamic 3D model of a skeleton anywhere within their current environment including, but not limited to tabletops, classroom desks, and much more. With the skeleton placed in AR space, users are now able to type in the name of medicine into Effectomy’s dynamic search bar. Once the user taps the medication they were searching for, Effectomy will immediately indicate through color codes on and in the AR skeleton where the medication affects the body positively and/or negatively. Alongside the physical representations on organs like the kidneys or heart, the app will provide users with a description of the medication, the benefits, the possible side effects, and its potential effects on vital signs (i.e. body temperature/heart rate) and clinical lab data.

Users can visualize and read about one medication at a time, and will eventually be able to view the effects of multiple medications being taken. Medications can even be saved in a queue within the app so that can be accessed with ease at a later time. With the release of the Effectomy app, it provides consumers reliable insight into the cause and effect of medications in a way that’s never been done before by utilizing dynamic AR functionality. As the world of medicine evolves, so does the information and technology surrounding it with Effectomy leading the charge.


  • UX/UI Design
  • Augmented Reality capabilities
  • Wireframes & User Stories
  • Comprehensive discovery, analysis, and design


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