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KEMET Trade Show App

KEMET approached Gravity Jack looking for a compelling mobile experience using augmented reality that they could then unveil at an upcoming trade show in Germany. The final delivery was an appealing application that used interactive 3D elements and text callouts to provide users with detailed information on KEMET products and the advantages they provide consumers.


The KEMET trade show experience is an AR marker based solution that was developed for iOS tablets and was exclusively used by those attending a trade show in Germany. For this experience, the KEMET team started by having several AR markers placed on a wall. Booth visitors could then scan them with a tablet to launch various experiences. Each marker would trigger and place a 3D version of a product (vehicles, light bulbs, solar panels, and computer monitors) that relied upon a component produced by KEMET into an AR scene which was accompanied by text that provided details on the importance of the component. Additionally, in order to provide an in-depth view of the entire 3D model, the app allows its users to rotate the model with their finger.

On top of educating booth visitors about the various KEMET components, the KEMET team wanted to tell their companies history through AR animations. By scanning a specific marker, users would unlock a 3D story that shows users how KEMET has expanded and grown over its 100 years in business. Seeing the potential augmented reality offers, KEMET now has an application that gives customers a visual representation of their reliable products and company history.

  • UI / UX Design
  • iOS Enterprise Application For Tablets
  • 3D Development & Optimization
  • Custom Animations


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