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With public health and social distancing in mind, a team of doctors and developers came together to answer one question: How can we use technology to keep ourselves and our children safe and active? 

The solution: the MyBubbl app, a simple, hands-free tool that helps users maintain a healthy lifestyle through social distancing. If someone comes nearby, MyBubbl™ will discreetly drop a phone notification reminding users to keep a safe distance from others. To accommodate users with different lifestyles and comfort levels, MyBubbl™ gives users the option to adjust bubble size to close, near, and far. Additionally, friends and family members may be added to the MyBubbl Buddies list to avoid any unnecessary notifications. 

Whether at work or out on errands, users can rely on MyBubbl™ as a subtle reminder to stay on top of their social distancing habits. Equipped with a convenient, low-maintenance tool, users can both go about their daily lives and support public health.

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The Project

With COVID-19’s social distancing guidelines in place, a group of healthcare professionals approached Gravity Jack with a unique concept — encouraging social distancing through notifications on our phones. The Gravity Jack team quickly got to work exploring the feasibility of Apple and Android devices recognizing each other through Bluetooth technology with zero tracking or data collection functionality.

After several rounds of testing, not only was the Gravity Jack development team able to get devices to recognize each other, but they programmed the app to recognize the bluetooth signal at a near, medium, and far distance. With the most important piece of the process behind us, it was time to get to work on the functionality behind the app.

  • Discreet push notifications that let MyBubbl™ users know that someone has burst their bubble
  • Complete anonymity with the app only using Bluetooth as a beacon to detect other devices. It was important for the client and Gravity Jack that there be no tracking or data collecting functionality within the app
  • The ability for the app to run in the background and still be fully functional when other apps are being used or the phone is put away altogether
  • A MyBubbl™ Buddies list that users can add friends and family to in order to avoid any unnecessary notifications
  • Provide users with a daily report which lets them know how many times their bubble had been burst as they went about their day. This functionality helps users remain conscious of their social distancing habits without constantly having to be in the app
  • Change bubble sizes depending on the user’s comfort level and activity they are participating in. Ranges include near, medium, and far. 

In addition to a comprehensive mobile application, the Gravity Jack team developed a complimentary website and provided various marketing efforts such as SEO and custom content creation. As the world strives to get past the pandemic, The MyBubbl™ app helps users remain conscious of their social distancing habits, equipping them with a transparent, hands-free tool that supports public health without interfering with daily activities.


  • Custom App Development (iOS & Android)
  • Bluetooth Integration
  • UI/UX Development
  • Custom HTML5 Website
  • Marketing (SEO, Blogs, Press Release, and More!)

MyBubbl Social Distancing app Social Distancing With MyBubbl


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