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The SageGlass Dynamic World App

Available for both iOS and Android, the SageGlass Dynamic World mobile application integrates Augmented Reality technology in order to showcase the variety and quality of the SageGlass window tints. This marker-based AR solution gives its users complete control of the SageGlass product line as they are able to customize the perfect tint for hotels, airports, and several other structures that vary in size.

The Project

The SageGlass Dynamic World app uses an outdoor scene as a marker to activate an AR mode that overlays the various tinting options offered by SageGlass. Users are not only able to try varying degrees of tint shades, but they can also select individual zones of a window to place the tint. In addition to an interactive AR experience, the app provides users with several photos of their past projects, background on the SageGlass company, and the opportunity to connect on a potential project or answer any questions users may have.

Originally, the SageGlass Dynamic World app was built as a private AR execution that the SageGlass used at trade shows. Having received positive reviews at the events, the SageGlass team approached Gravity Jack looking to add additional functionality to a public version of the app. In the end, the SageGlass team emerged with a mobile application that provides a practical yet appealing approach to showcasing their product line.


  • UX / UI
  • Unity Development
  • iOS and Android Capability
  • Image Recognition
  • 3D & Animation

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