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Samsung TV True Fit Mobile Application

The Samsung TV True Fit mobile application is a leading example of how augmented reality can be leveraged for virtual product display. This mobile experience for iOS and Android displays a realistic and true to size AR model of what a brand new 75″ Samsung television would look like in a home or office before a purchase is even made!

If users discover that the 75″ is just a touch too big, the app lets them see if perhaps a 65″ or 55″ TV is a better fit for their desired location — making it the ultimate try before you buy experience. Even better? Once users find the perfect television size the Samsung TV True Fit application helps users identify surrounding retailers that have their desired model in stock.

Put away the tape measure, stop surfing the internet, and let the Samsung TV True Fit mobile application help you find the ideal TV for your space!

The Project

Gravity Jack is no stranger when it comes to helping companies bring their products to life through the use of AR — which is why the marketing agency, Cheil reached out to us on behalf of their client, Samsung Canada. Together, our teams formulated a gameplan on how to create a mobile application that helps consumers try a variety of different Samsung TV sizes in a variety of locations throughout their home or office.

To create the Samsung TV True Fit app, Gravity Jack’s 3D team immediately went to work replicating realistic versions of three different TV sizes (75″, 65″, and 55″). Those models were then incorporated into the development of the app which supports Apple’s ARKit and Android’s ARcore technology to enhance the AR experience’s spacial awareness and object detection. The addition of these technologies helps provide perspective on the true to size models regardless of where a user is standing in a room. With the development underway, our design team conceptualized a very detailed UI/UX for the app that best compliment the app’s tutorial.

To take the application to the next level, we developed a toggle switch within the AR experience that allows users to view the three different TV sizes in succession so they can find which one best fits their space. Once the ideal TV model and size is found, the app then provides a list of the nearest retailers that have the selected TV in their inventory — making the entire shopping experience seamless. Virtual product display is the future of retail, and the Samsung TV True Fit app is a leading example.


  • Augmented Reality Virtual Product Display
  • UI/UX App Design
  • Unity Development
  • iOS Development With ARKit Integration
  • Android Development With ARCore Integration
  • 3D Development
  • Store Locator Functionality


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