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Soy In The City

Highlighting Illinois’ booming soybean industry, the Soy In The City application uses augmented reality to insert realistic, 3D versions of farming equipment into everyday surroundings. This mobile application is publicly available for both iOS and Android and educates users on how soybean agriculture affects our cities through unique AR experiences.

The Project

Wanting to roll farming equipment into downtown Chicago, The Illinois Soybean Association partnered up with Gravity Jack to create a mobile application that would do just that. Regardless of what city you live in, the Soy In The City application lets users point their mobile devices at various landmarks or areas and place virtual pieces of farming equipment that operate through the use of soybeans.

Soy in the City is a fun way to learn about renewable energy powering busses, see a tractor driving down the street right in front of you and how the simple container moves products and soybeans around Chicago and the world. To get the most out of this experience, Gravity Jack developed Android’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit SDKs into the application. Now, The Illinois Soybean Association has a fun marketing tool that promotes their stewardship of renewable energy for generations to come!


  • UI/UX Design
  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • 3D Creation & Development
  • Incorporation of Apple's ARKit & Android's ARCore
  • Unity Development
  • Apple App Store & Google Play Submission


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