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Starr Ranch Growers App

The Starr Ranch Growers enterprise application gives consumers the ability to scan the PLU sticker found on Starr Ranch Growers fruit in order to trigger a variety of Augmented Reality content. This unique marketing concept delivers product information, new recipes, and even access to the Starr Ranch Growers website with a simple scan of a piece of fruit. Pretty neat huh?


For this project, Gravity Jack incorporated the Starr Ranch Growers branding into a dynamic application that aims to educate consumers about the Starr Ranch Growers and their delicious fruit. The application leverages AR technology in order to scan and identify Starr Ranch Grower’s PLU stickers that are found on their fruit. Once the sticker is scanned, the app presents consumers with a number of engaging options that they are able to interact with.

Consumers gain instant access to:

  • Recipes that incorporate Starr Ranch Grower products.
  • Videos and photos that provide insight into the Starr Ranch Growers brand and their products.
  • An in-depth description of the origins and variety of the fruit offered by Starr Ranch Growers.
  • Links that allow consumers to visit the Starr Ranch Growers website and connect with them through social media.

Who said you can’t play with your food?!?!

  • UI / UX Design
  • Systems Architecture
  • Unity3D Development for iOS
  • 3D Optimization and Consulting
  • ARKit Integration


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