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Top-Line Furniture AR App

Developed for iOS devices, this mobile AR application allows users to place realistic furniture throughout homes or office spaces in order to visualize how it looks prior to making a purchase.


A contemporary try before you buy experience that uses the power of augmented reality to virtually place furniture throughout a user’s home or office. The Top-Line Furniture app incorporates Apple’s ARKit — making it spacially aware of the floor and other objects in the room before the furniture is placed.

In order to give the user a realistic perspective, the furniture will appear true to size on their mobile device. Once a piece(s) of furniture is placed in the desired area, it will remain stationary as the user is not only able to move their phone, but also walk around to view the furniture from different angles. Users can drag their finger on the screen in order to rotate the furniture and are also presented with a variety of color palettes to try throughout their home or office building.

  • UI / UX Design
  • Systems Architecture
  • Unity3D Development for iOS
  • 3D Optimization and Consulting
  • ARKit Integration
  • Custom CMS Development


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