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As one of the leading non-profit organizations in the country, The Lymphoma Research Foundation wanted to create an app capable of educating users about their fight to end lymphoma cancer through oral medication. The Understanding Lymphoma app does just that by leveraging augmented reality to place a realistic 3D version of a CAR-T Cell (known for its ability to fight cancer) directly in front of users through a variety of AR experiences. One experience places the 3D cell directly in the user’s environment where they can learn about the different parts of the cell through animations. Additionally, they can watch an animated time-lapse of the effects that taking oral medications has on lowering the number of cancerous cells. Lastly, what would an app be without an engaging AR-based game? The app puts users in control as they take on and destroy cancerous cells with a CAR-T Cell in an Asteroids inspired game.

The fight against lymphoma cancer is an important one, and the Understanding Lymphoma app provides additional information to as many people as possible with engaging content. Be sure to check out the Understanding Lymphoma app in both the Apple App Store and Google Play!

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The Project

Thanks to the great work of the Lymphoma Research Foundation and others like them, the fight against lymphoma cancer has come a long way. Traditionally, cancer patients would have to visit a hospital and hooked up to an IV for their treatments. With new research and advancements, there are now oral medications that can be taken at home. To emphasize the importance of regularly taking these medications, the Lymphoma Research Foundation reached out to Gravity Jack to create a one-of-a-kind mobile experience — the Understanding Lymphoma app. Featuring three different augmented reality experiences, the Understanding Lymphoma app focuses on the CAR-T Cell which is found in the oral medications that help fight cancerous cells.

To create this project, Gravity Jack worked closely alongside the Lymphoma Research Foundation to discuss and ideate the best AR experiences that will relay their important messages to users. In addition to developing the app, Gravity Jack was responsible for creating 3D models of CAR-T cells, blood cells, and cancerous cells. These high-resolution models were used in a variety of different ways throughout the application:

  • Experience 1: Places a 3D model of the CAR-T Cell in a user’s environment where they read about the different parts of the cell. When a user taps text to read about the parts, there is an animation on the cell which lets the user know which part they are currently reading about.
  • Experience 2: A 3D animated time-lapse of the positive and negative effects that taking or not taking medication can have on blood cells. In this experience, users watch as CAR-T Cells go into a patient’s bloodstream and take on the cancerous cells. Conversely, the experience shows users the negative effects that can happen if patients do not regularly take the recommended medication.
  • Experience 3:  Not one, but two AR games! In the first game, users are the CAR-T Cell and cancerous cells are coming at them. The objective is to move the cell around the screen and destroy the cancerous cells as they approach. In the second game, the difficulty is picked up as users have healthy cells and cancerous cells moving towards them. Users now have to distinguish between the two and let the healthy ones pass and destroy the cancerous cells. At the end of these games, users are presented with their score showing them how well they did.

These three augmented reality experiences combined into one application provided the Lymphoma Research Foundation with the perfect combination of information and engagement needed to pass on to their users!


  • Augmented Reality Mobile App
  • AR Gamification
  • 3D Asset & Animation Development
  • UI/UX Creation
  • Apple App Store & Google Play Deployment


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