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Fully Custom WFIA Website Development

Given their wide variety of facilities and processes, reaching widespread compliance with safety standards was a tall order for the Washington Food Industry Association (WFIA). In order to bypass the hassle of creating, uploading, and distributing required training content, the WFIA reached out to Gravity Jack to build a fully custom website for internal use. 

This large-scale yet user-friendly website allows for three separate yet interconnected user profiles. First, is a Master Admin portal which combines the creation and delivery of training materials, allowing for real time editing and updating. The Business Admin portal allows WFIA associates to manage employee accounts as well as review which lessons the employee has completed. The final portal is for employees, where they can interact with the training material assigned to them. When finished, users can mark content as “complete”, sending a notification of compliance back to management. 

The development of the WFIA training website created the foundation of a dynamic information hub for both management and warehouse personnel, capable of evolving to meet new industry needs and standards.

The Project

Made up of independent supermarkets, convenience stores, and coffee houses across Washington State, the WFIA needed an efficient yet consistent way to distribute training material to their numerous affiliates across the state. To accomplish this, Gravity Jack designed and developed a fully custom website featuring safety training lessons in the form of articles and videos that WFIA affiliates can assign and distribute to their employees.

Aside from the WFIA logo and branding assets, Gravity Jack was given complete creative freedom to design the site. By using the MERN Javascript stack, the WFIA Warehouse Safety website houses three separate portals, each built with different users in mind. 

  • Master Admin: Allows a top-level WFIA executive to create, edit, and upload training material, and can be updated with new information in real-time. Various content can be labeled with tags such as ‘Grocery’ or ‘Trucking’ to properly organize the assignments to be reviewed and completed by managers and employees.
  • Business Admin: Designed for business managers, granting them access to several administrative actions. These include managing/editing employee accounts and inviting new employees to the program. Additionally, the managers will complete the required training set up by the Master Admin portal, with the ability to view lessons that have been assigned and completed in the past.
  • Employee: Allows personnel to view and complete mandatory lessons assigned to them. When a lesson is completed, users can click a ‘Mark as Reviewed’ button, allowing the Business Admin account to track employee progress month by month. Similar to Business Admin users, employees can go back and review and interact with past lessons.

By establishing a platform that accommodates all parties, the WFIA Warehouse Safety site delivers a cohesive, user-friendly employee training web experience that can adapt to meet new industry needs.


  • Fully custom website
  • Integration of 3 separate user portals
  • MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js (MERN) stack
  • NoSQL database


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