Realtime vectorization and edge detection

Augmented reality took a leap forward… Check out some of the new AR tech we are working on. We started this as a proof of concept for <<unamed really large company :)>> to prove that we could. This converts the raster image on the left into an edge detected vectorization in real-time. This allows us to recognize objects via what amounts to a hash code of their vectors. Can you say full body overlay? Eventually we will use it to add depth to a scene in the background by measuring the delta’s of vector changes between objects plus a whole lot of other killer applications we can’t talk about without killing you.
A user wouldn’t actually see this we would be doing this in the background for scene matching with whatever we wanted to replace.
It can even pick up blood vessels and turn those into a set of mathematical lines. 🙂
-          Jack – all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy