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Gravity Jack’s name is both a nod to where we’ve come from and a reminder of how we approach each and every day. Our founders are skydivers (“Gravity”) and their passion for challenge, excitement and ‘pushing the envelope’ mirrors the way we go about all we do. Jack was our founder’s grandfather. He was an Army / Navy golden glove boxer – a tough, hard working and ‘outside the mold’ guy (with some great tattoos). Despite his grit, Jack was unashamed to stand for what was right, regardless of the consequences. It’s an ethical cornerstone that we live by in the way that we go about our work, our relationships and each other. Our company's alternate logo (above) is called ‘The Boxer’ and is inspired by our namesake. It is used on occasion, internally, as a reminder of our roots.


Gravity Jack was founded in 2009 by Luke Richey, Jennifer Richey and Terry Hoy. It was founded on the vision of creating a software company around a then-infant technology called augmented reality. Leasing a small, single office in Liberty Lake, the team began offering fully-custom software development services, ranging from mobile apps and websites to custom algorithms and hardware solutions. Over the next few years, the Gravity Jack team quickly grew and relocated into a more spacious office in downtown Spokane.
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In addition to client work, the team saw a promising future for a technology called augmented reality (AR). With innovation in the space limited primarily to Europe, the team saw an opportunity to help bring AR to the United States. Extensive research and development was bootstrapped by revenue generated through the team’s commercial software development services. This work led to a portfolio of awarded patents in AR and computer vision, and the release of browsAR® – an augmented reality SDK, mobile app and content management system (CMS) platform. Due to an increasingly expansive client portfolio, in 2013, Gravity Jack decided to pivot to a fully service-based model.


Since being founded in 2009, Gravity Jack has grown into one of the most respected digital agencies in the world, offering fully-custom mobile apps, augmented reality, virtual reality, 360º video experiences, computer vision and more to a wide and ever-growing range of private, commercial and defense clients.


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