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No app? No problem. Enter WebAR

T-Mobile sought out Gravity Jack’s services to create a one-of-a-kind WebAR experience to be featured in T-Mobile stores throughout the country. Since there is no need to download an app, T-Mobile customers simply scan a marker within the store to prompt custom Augmented Reality content. Once scanned with the phone’s camera app, users are taken to a web page that places a dynamic 3D T-Mobile coverage map directly in the store!

The Experience

The experience features a series of animations that include 3D bars that pop out of the map to showcase T-Mobile’s superior 5G coverage versus that of their competitors. Additional AR content includes text call-outs that highlight T-Mobile’s highspeed capacity and download rates. Customers are then encouraged to swipe through the experience where the app automatically detects their location to provide a regional AR map of T-Mobile’s coverage in their area of the country. The development and delivery of the WebAR experience provided T-Mobile with a unique way to skip the app store and bring educational AR content directly to their customers.

WebAR Development

Prompt custom AR content on a mobile browser

8th Wall Development

Utilized the 8th Wall platform to create and share the WebAR content

3D Optimization

Rendered a series of 3D models specifically for AR content on mobile devices

Custom Animations

Created and implemented a series of custom movements that brought the AR content to life


Delivered tailored AR content based on the user's location in the country

Our Process

For this project, Gravity Jack worked closely with the T-Mobile team to make sure their corporate branding and style guidelines were met throughout the project. We would provide them with periodic app updates that they were able to test within the 8th Wall platform. The result was a timely delivery of a project that exceeded T-Mobile’s expectations.

Project Management

Ensured each phase of the project stayed on track to meet the project's tight deadline

Scoping & Adjustments

As the development progressed, T-Mobile approached Gravity Jack with new concepts they would like reflected in the project

User Stories

A process of identifying and organizing content.


Planning the rough layout and structure of the site’s pages.


Applying the styles to the wireframes to achieve the final design.


Building the website with modern coding techniques.


Building the website with modern coding techniques.


Identifying and fixing any bugs in the code on multiple devices and screen sizes.


Setting up your site on a hosting service or packaging up the code and handing it over to you!

Mobile Designs

UI and UX designs that guide the user through the entire WebAR experience. Making sure that every button, page, and interaction has a purpose.


Compatible with both Safari and Chrome browsers

3D Work

The 3D and animations brought the AR scenes to life. Users watched as a variety of interactive 5G service bars popped out of the map. T-Mobile bars would rise higher than their competitors to showcase their superior service. Users were able to lock the map in place and walk around it to view it from all angles.

3D Asset Optimization

Gravity Jack took existing 3D models, added more detail, and optimized them for mobile use.

Final Delivery

With the completion of the T-Mobile 5G experience, Gravity Jack put T-Mobile at the forefront of the emerging technology of WebAR.

The Goal

T-Mobile wanted to showcase to store visitors that they are not only the leader, but also the largest and fastest 5G network available

The Idea

Knowing that store visitors wouldn't take the time to download a new app, Gravity Jack pitched the idea of leveraging WebAR to bring engage users with augmented reality content with a simple scan using their phone's camera app

The Result

T-Mobile was a equipped with a futuristic marketing campaign that uses augmented reality and animations to showcase how their 5G services are superior to their competitors on a national and local scale


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