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Real People, Great Experiences

We are a team of expert designers, developers, scientists, researchers, marketers & strategists, dedicated to creating The Future Experience™ everyday. We focus on using our expertise to come alongside you and advise, strategize and execute, as if your project is our own.

Mike Vickerman
Chairman of the Board

Steve Schmautz
Board Member

Ron Gillyard
Advisory Board

Rika Nakazawa
Advisory Board

George Rohlinger
Advisory Board

Garth Fisher, M.D.
Advisory Board

Laurent Degryse
Advisory Board

Ret. Col. John Hanna
Advisory Board

Gravity Jack Team - Trout - Josh Abel - Joshua Abel
Josh “Trout” Abel

Gravity Jack Team - Luke Richey
Luke Richey
Founder & President

Gravity Jack Team - Shawn Poindexter
Shawn Poindexter

Gravity Jack Team - Penn Brownlee
Penn Brownlee
Director of Digital Production

Gravity Jack Team - Terry Hoy
Terry Hoy
Vice President & Director of Sales

Gravity Jack Team - Hannah Camacho
Hannah Camacho
Director of Digital Strategy

Gravity Jack Team - Ryan
Ryan Darbonne
Director of Marketing

Gravity Jack Team - Marc Rollins
Marc Rollins
Senior Engineer / Research Lead

Gravity Jack Team - Randy Ridgway
Randy Ridgway
Senior Developer & Game Mechanics

Gravity Jack Team - Mark Buche
Mark Buche
Marketing & User Acquisition

Gravity Jack Team - Zach Minard
Zach Minard
Senior Designer

Gravity Jack Team - Ryan Kennedy
Ryan Kennedy
Software Engineer

Gravity Jack Team - Shane Folden
Shane Folden
Videographer & 3D Artist

Gravity Jack Team - Carl Stromberg
Carl Stromberg
3D Designer

Gravity Jack Team - Michael Baxter
Michael Baxter
Software Engineer

Gravity Jack Team - Trevor Berreth
Trevor Berreth
Software Engineer

Gravity Jack Team - Dan Cotton
Dan Cotton
Quality Assurance Manager

Gravity Jack Team - Trevin
Trevin Hiebert
Software Engineer

Tricia Petrinovich

Ben Vaughan
Brand Ambassador - Europe

Nick Markovsky
Brand Ambassador - Los Angeles

Work Hard. Play Hard.

It's no secret. We genuinely enjoy what we do and it affects the way that we approach our work each day. When we're not creating some of the most revolutionary experiences on the planet, we're enjoying the friendships that our common passions have brought together. At some point, all the conversations about AR, VR and computer vision turn into something more.

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