At Gravity Jack, we develop immersive virtual reality experiences that can transport users to a super realistic environment using custom 3D assets or to a 360º view of an existing location. Our VR capabilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Custom training environments where complex processes and procedures can be safely practiced
  • Multiplayer and solo interactive gaming experiences
  • Film 360º video of existing locations and events that can be displayed in VR
  • And so much more! Drop us a line to discuss how your project can benefit from Virtual Reality

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Our Services
Custom 3D Art

We can create a custom environment or recreate an already existing one

Custom Animations

Putting any process or procedure in a VR Environment


Custom 3D & animation for any Oculus headset

360º Video

The ability shoot an actual environment in 360º and place it in a VR environment


Custom 3D & animation capabilities for any HTC headset


Unleash tons of creative tools for interactive experiences

“They’re extremely communicative, very quick to adapt to new conditions and make impossible deadlines seem less impossible.”

Matt Daly

Special Projects Lead at Wargaming

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