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A Full service
digital agency

Gravity Jack is an American full-service digital agency with an unyielding pursuit to create a world where technology and the human experience intersect seamlessly through augmented reality. Founded in 2009, Gravity Jack is the first American-based agency to offer AR development as a service. Having dedicated time and resources to research and development from the very beginning, Gravity Jack has been issued seven key patents surrounding AR technology. In addition to AR, Gravity Jack’s VR, WebAR, Web3, 3D artwork, and mobile app executions have been a source of innovation for independent agencies, Fortune 500 Companies, and the Department of Defense.

Custom Mobile applications

iOS, Android, or cross-platform, Gravity Jack develops custom code specific to your project’s needs.

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Augmented Reality & Webar

Bring dynamic content to life by overlaying digital information into any real-world environment or object.

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Virtual Reality

Strap on a VR headset and experience complete immersion in a custom digital environment.

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Custom Websites

Boost your online presence with Gravity Jack’s Front-end, Back-end, design, and SEO services.

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web3 Services

Reach your fintech goals through blockchain and smart contract development.

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Game Development

Customized gaming software for a wide variety of platforms and devices. Develop a concept from scratch or upgrade an existing experience.

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Custom 3D Artwork

Bring your project to life with realistic 3D models

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Design & Branding

Give your project an identity with a logo, color scheme, and more.

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