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Custom 3D Artwork

As the need for augmented reality and virtual reality projects rise, so does the need for dynamic 3D visuals to accompany them. The Gravity Jack 3D development team creates custom 3D solutions for a wide range of industries and clients around the globe. No matter the project requirements, our team of artists can create a custom graphic or recreate an existing model for a 3D environment.

Whether it’s for a mobile application or a VR headset, Gravity Jack optimizes all 3D assets to ensure a high-quality experience no matter the device. Already have 3D models of your product? Gravity Jack can render them so that they fit your project’s needs. In addition to 3D artwork, Gravity Jack produces custom animations. Animations are what bring 3D or 2D artwork to life! They help explain a process, showcase a product’s functionality, and transform a static character into one that dances across the screen. Gravity Jack’s art team caters to a wide variety of styles and will work with you to build assets that fit your project.



Replicate an existing environment or develop a custom one


Customize who and what goes into a 3D environment


Let customers visualize your products in 3D


Movements that bring 3D to life


Gravity Jack offers a wide range of services capable of taking an idea and transforming it into a digital experience ready for users to enjoy. Including branding, post-launch services, and everything in between, our team has experience working with Fortune 500 companies, intimate teams like us, and government agencies.

Have an idea but not sure which technology is best suited for it? Let’s talk about it! Gravity Jack will walk you through different solutions that augmented reality, virtual reality, and other software can provide. We tackle projects of all shapes and sizes — even ones already underway. Gravity Jack was founded on the idea of creating custom experiences that push the boundaries of technology, so even if you have a question, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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