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Bühler 360º Tour

The Bühler Group is known for their incredible in-person tours that showcase not only their impressive facility, but the wide range of sustainability products that they offer. Wanting to extend these tours to everyone, the Bühler Group tasked Gravity Jack with creating an immersive 360º tour that gives their website users first-hand views of Bühler’s equipment within their Minneapolis facility. 

Within the web experience, users are dropped into a 360º environment where they can freely explore the Bühler facility by using their mouse — similar to Google Street View. As they navigate through the tour, different areas and equipment are marked with special icons; clicking these icons reveals detailed text regarding functions and capabilities of the equipment. The text popups are accompanied by embedded photos and videos that show the products in action. 

Equipped with an interactive virtual experience, Bühler enables site visitors to tour their facility while also inspecting and learning about complex machinery up close, no matter where they are.

The Project

The Bühler Group is a multinational equipment manufacturer with a diverse catalog of products. To virtually showcase their Minneapolis facility and equipment, they contacted Gravity Jack for a solution, seeking creative digital expertise. To simulate an in-person visit, Gravity Jack utilized 360º technology to create an immersive, self-guided web experience that allows users to examine specialized machines and the various rooms of the facility. 

To create this experience, the Gravity Jack team traveled on-site to film a variety of key locations identified by the Bühler Group. After collecting 360º shots at key vantage points, the special photos were stitched together using KRPano to form a 3D map of Bühler’s facility. Visitors can click and drag to look around and travel between areas by using the marked directional arrows. A navigation bar at the bottom of the screen also allows users to zoom in, enter fullscreen, and preview upcoming areas. 

As users make their way through the tour, they will encounter rooms and machines of note that are strategically labeled with special icons. When clicked, users are shown detailed information regarding the equipments’ functions. This text is paired with embedded photos and videos that show the products in action. Furthermore, users can follow links to specific product pages or contact Bühler directly with questions. 

The Bühler 360º Self-Guided Tour serves as an immersive virtual experience that gives users first-hand views of a variety of complex machinery. Now, visitors from anywhere in the world can explore Bühler’s Minneapolis facility as if they were actually there!


  • 360º Interactive Web Experience
  • KRPano Integration
  • UI/UX Development
  • Custom HTML Code Creation
  • AWS S3, AWS CloudFront, AWS Certificate Manager
  • On-Site Media Production


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