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The SimSafe virtual reality application provides a realistic, immersive, yet safe training environment that allows users young or old to extinguish common household fires using proper techniques. Within the VR environment, users are trained to deploy the tried and true P.A.S.S. (pull, aim, squeeze, sweep) technique while wearing a VIVE PRO VR headset and controllers. Once the training is complete, users are tasked with extinguishing a simulated fire on their own.

As the user extinguishes the fire on a stovetop or in a trash can, the app tracks: the user’s motions, the time it takes them to extinguish the fire, and even calculates how much of the extinguisher they used to put the fire out. All of the data is calculated to provide the user with an overall score. The completion of the project resulted in a comprehensive training experience that can be purchased and shipped to fire departments, schools, and office buildings across the country!

The Project

For this project, Gravity Jack Inc. and the Spokane Valley Fire Department created a strategic partnership to develop a VR training package (VR app and equipment) that can be purchased and shipped directly to consumers. This custom training experience takes place in an immersive 3D industrial kitchen setting where a fire can be started on a stove-top or garbage can. Similar to actual fires, we don’t pick and choose where they occur so SimSafe provides a randomized option that ensures its participants are always on their toes. 

Before the experience begins, participants are fully trained on how to operate the VIVE Focus Pro Plus VR headset and properly use the P.A.S.S. technique to extinguish a fire. The app will also advise users when to fight the flames or flee and allow the fire department to take over. At the end of the experience and when the user has either properly put out the fire or run out of extinguishant and failed, an end screen appears providing helpful insight to their overall performance. The performance evaluation is based on:

  • The technique used while extinguishing the fire
  • The time it took to extinguish the fire
  • How much of the extinguisher was used 

These metrics and the first-hand experience of safely putting out a fire engages and educates any type of learning style. Want to learn more about how SimSafe could be the perfect fit for your team? Simply drop us a line in the contact box below and we will be in touch right away!


  • UX/UI Design
  • 3D Design & Development
  • VIVE PRO & Controllers VR Development
  • Unity Development


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