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Rav4 For 4

The Rav4 for 4 app is an exclusive augmented reality experience that Toyota in partnership with the BIG3 basketball league uses at halftime of their games. Users equipped with an iPad walk around the new Rav4 and trigger AR content in order to learn about the newly released vehicle’s features. They then finish the experience playing a virtual basketball game where they try to drain as many 4 point basketball shots as possible!

The Project

The marketing agency NCOMPASS approached Gravity Jack looking for experienced app developers who can create a compelling augmented experience that will showcase the partnership between Toyota and the BIG3 pro basketball league. The result is an enterprise application that is used on an actual Rav4 vehicle at halftime during BIG3 basketball games.

Equipped with an iPad, attendees of BIG3 games point the tablet at an actual Rav4 vehicle. The app then triggers content about specific areas of the Rav4 when pointed at the strategically placed AR markers around the vehicle. As users finish learning about the Rav4 they are challenged to a mini basketball game where they attempt to make as many 4 point shots before time expires.


  • UI/UX App Design
  • Native iOS Enterprise App Development
  • AR Marker Design
  • 3D Development
  • Animation & Sound Effect Implementation
  • Mobile Game Development
  • Unity Development


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