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UCHealth approached Gravity Jack with a client success story so good they just had to share it with the world. With the emergence of WebAR experiences, Gravity Jack and UCHealth thought it would be the perfect platform to tell the story of Connie, a blind patient who emerged with 20/20 vision after cataract surgery. Using the phone’s camera app to scan UCHealth marketing material such as a flyer, a web page featuring the mobile web experience is automatically activated.

There, users are met with a video that begins to tell Connie’s story about how she lost her vision 15 years ago and all of the adjustments she has since had to make. As the story progresses, a slider that users can move left to right appears at the bottom of the video. When the video begins, they will notice how the scene starts off blurry — imitating Connie’s experience as she began to lose her vision. As they move the slider back in the other direction the video will quickly become crystal clear to showcase Connie’s new 20/20 vision after her surgery. As the video progresses, users have the option to then see their current environment with the blurred filter and slider. The finished Clear Vision project is a one-of-a-kind WebAR experience that pays tribute to not only Connie, but the incredible work UCHealth is doing!


For the first time in 15 years, Connie, who was blind, was able to see not only her face but her husband’s and grandchildren’s faces as well — all thanks to the incredible intraocular surgery performed by the team at UCHealth. To celebrate and showcase this incredible story, UCHealth partnered with Gravity Jack to deploy a unique mobile WebAR experience that puts users in Connie’s shoes for the duration of a short video. 

To make this happen, Gravity Jack took the video provided by UCHealth and applied a blur feature in addition to a slider bar. These two features allow users to move the slider left to right which causes the video to go from blurry to clear — mimicking Connie’s transformation from blind to 20/20 vision. To take the project a step further and make it a true WebAR experience, users are able to give the web page access to their phone’s camera so they can use the slider functionality in their current environment and watch it go from blurry to clear. If camera access is not permitted, the experience provides them with a preset image that they can interact with.

UCHealth’s objectives for this campaign were to get the experience in front of as many people as possible without having to create a mobile application. With that information, Gravity Jack recommended sending users to a standalone web page designed for mobile experiences. To easily direct traffic to the web page, Gravity Jack leveraged a unique QR Code that UCHealth placed on their print advertisements. Users would then scan the QR code with the camera app on their phone which automatically prompts their mobile browser to open the mobile-friendly web page. Once the page is loaded, users can then begin to watch and interact with the video featuring Connie and her UCHealth success story.

Gravity Jack was proud to partner with the team at UCHealth to not only create a digital experience that tells the heartwarming story of Connie, but to also highlight the groundbreaking research and achievements of their team.


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