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From peer-to-peer transactions to minting NFTs, blockchains are rapidly reshaping the way business is conducted. As one of the first augmented reality development agencies in America, Gravity Jack has been developing custom software for a wide variety of clients since 2009. By not only staying current but ahead of technological trends, we are here to help your industry reach its fintech goals. 

Our Web3 capabilities range from dynamic DeFi marketplaces for cryptocurrency and NFTs to straightforward smart contracts designed specifically for you and your customers. Gravity Jack is here to help you meet your project’s goals by building a secure network capable of handling multiple levels of transactions.



Ability to link a number of crypto-based wallets


Coin research and development that can be applied to a variety of industries


A smart and secure backend that legitimizes transactions


Create a self-sustaining marketplace with art, contracts, and more

Smart Contracts

Expedite and automate your transactions


Organized backend development with an informative frontend design

Mobile App

Build your online presence with a corresponding application


Gravity Jack offers a wide range of services capable of taking an idea and transforming it into a digital experience ready for users to enjoy. Including branding, post-launch services, and everything in between, our team has experience working with Fortune 500 companies, intimate teams like us, and government agencies.

Have an idea but not sure which technology is best suited for it? Let’s talk about it! Gravity Jack will walk you through different solutions that augmented reality, virtual reality, and other software can provide. We tackle projects of all shapes and sizes — even ones already underway. Gravity Jack was founded on the idea of creating custom experiences that push the boundaries of technology, so even if you have a question, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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