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AR vs VR – Who Will Win The Race Between Augmented & Virtual Reality?

AR vs VR – Who Will Win The Race Between Augmented & Virtual Reality?

Earlier this week Mark Rosner wrote an article for VentureBeat titled, Why AR Will Be Bigger Than VR. He opens the piece by conceding the fact that when VR is done right, it’s an incredibly compelling experience with enormous upside. As an agency who creates custom virtual reality experiences, we couldn’t agree more. There is […]

The Pokemon Go Game Just Made Augmented Reality Technology Mainstream

The Pokemon Go Game Just Made Augmented Reality Technology Mainstream

The popular game has changed your life, whether you play it or not. Pokemon Go, the jaw-droppingly popular mobile game, featuring augmented reality technology and GPS exploration, has officially taken numerous countries by storm. With additional releases about to go live around the world, this is just the beginning. According to SimilarWeb, as of July […]

Case Study | Sumitomo Revolutionizes The Product Experience Using Augmented Reality Virtual Product Display

About Sumitomo & The Need Sumitomo Drive Technologies, a leading provider of high-quality transmission products, gearboxes, gearmotors and services came to Gravity Jack seeking an innovative, revolutionary way to share the new Cyclo® BBB product line. With a heavy, large and complex product, Sumitomo saw room for improvement in the way that consumers were able [...]

Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America Teams With Gravity Jack Augmented Reality to Bring Revolutionary New Virtual Product Experience for iPad

    LIBERTY LAKE, Wash., July 17, 2013 — In an announcement today, Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA), U.S. headquarters for Sumitomo Drive Technologies, has introduced the PT Experience Cyclo® Bevel BuddyBox®. The new Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app, available exclusively for the Apple iPad, offers three main functions: a customizable AR experience for […]

Case Study | Gravity Jack Augmented Reality & TaylorMade Golf

PROJECT TaylorMade R1 Virtual App | Augmented Reality, Mobile Marketing, Utilities, Sports OBJECTIVE Through the use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology, drive increased engagement of the client’s target audience, leading up to and following promotion and retail release of the client’s R1 Driver. MARKET International OVERVIEW TaylorMade approached Gravity Jack with hope of allowing consumers [...]

Augmented Reality and Applying it to Internet Marketing

Most futuristic and sci-fi themed movies are using the concept of augmented reality to portray a world where reality merges with computerized information. You might think regular use of this technology will take place in the distant future but we’re not too far from augmented reality being applied in our everyday lives. If you were […]