The Web3 Killer App: The Big Reveal That Anyone Can Do

I had the privilege and terrifying experience of being a part of a Web3 initiative in the last two years. We innovated, we pushed the boundaries of the technology stacks, we made connections, built community, went to Hong Kong and Singapore, and even put on a powerful Christians in Web3 Summit. Gravity Jack has been doing blockchain-related work since 2011 – but this was full tilt. Here is a light overview of what I learned:

  1. The Bitcoin maxis have a point. Only one…but they are right that there are a lot of scams in Web3. (If you are a maxi reading this, just move along. This post isn’t for people that worship a technology, and that is primarily because blind faith in Bitcoin hinders Maxis from understanding the technological advances past Bitcoin). Back to the point. Shilling, FOMO, and many other terms in crypto right now are all greed related. The idea that you can make a 1000x return triggers only one thought. Greed. Most altcoins are designed around the promise of “getting rich quick”, while meme coins are designed solely for that purpose (though they do not often live into their design). We were about to get called up on a shill stage and I couldn’t do it. I was so sick to my stomach as I realized what was happening. When the intrinsic value of something is only the emotion you can drive before it crashes…. THEN THERE IS NO REAL VALUE. It is just theft.

    PS to any Maxi’s – do not email me – BTC was launched on Halloween by the CIA. Prove me wrong.

  2. Web3 is also full of people that really believe in the tech’s ability to transform the world, even beyond its economic capabilities. I am in this camp. Decentralization, democratization, cutting out middlemen, freedom from censorship, and a non-walled metaverse, etc. We as a group are passionate about these principles of freedom. We hope all mankind can be torn out from under the thumb of all forms of tyranny, so we talk and lament and use non-greed terms. We evangelize the technology all over the place even in the midst of a crypto ice age. We are not wrong that this tech is an inevitably.

  3. Users could give a crap about what is behind their app. They want to be free, yes, but they mostly just want their apps to be functional, intuitive, and convenient. They think our passion is interesting, but in reality, the typical user just doesn’t care. AND they see the Maxis single valuable point and get scared. They see the possibility of a 1000x return as a possible 10,000x decline. Plus, Web3 cannot be an agent for decentralization or democratization if the average person can’t use it…part of democratization is commercialization. Adoption requires that the tech is adoptable. Requiring people to use MetaMask or cold wallets or understand blockchain or how to navigate the crypto market isn’t advocacy for an accessible technology, it is ego, laziness, and performative.

Obviously, that is not all I learned but I wanted to focus on the highlights that drive the answer to “what is the killer Web3 app?” If you want a much more detailed version of some of the problems in Web3, especially for those of us that desire it to aid us in changing the world, I recommend reading: The Problem & Potential for Christians in Web3. That article impacted me.

“What is the killer Web3 app?”

This is so simple. The killer app for Web3 is one that uses the technologies appropriately and COMPLETLY in the background. The user doesn’t know they just did self custody, they don’t even know the reason there is so much accountability and transparency. They have no clue that they are holding a crypto, they just know they are doing a value exchange. This can all happen while creating a front-end user experience that is pleasant and engaging.

The killer app for TCP/IP was the internet, and the killer app for HTTP was web pages. See the connection? Web3 is a technology stack combined with an ethos. Users don’t care how their web pages work or how their internet traffic flows. They don’t want to know and shouldn’t have to know. Mainstream users do not value what we nerds do. They value what they can do with things today, not in 10 years or when all the digital stars align.

Gravity Jack is about to launch an initiative that is the killer app for Web3. All of the principles I just laid out are in it. It is revolutionary because, and get this, no one has to say the word “blockchain” to make it valuable.

This is a real use case, a real experience, and something people want. Yes, blockchain is used, NFTs unlock things, and crypto is earned and can be exchanged for fiat. BUT the user won’t be bombarded with tech language they don’t care about, or inconvenient measures they must take to participate. In fact, most won’t even know that Web3 tech stacks are even in play! They get to just be a part, no strings attached, and isn’t that kind of the point of Web3?

Luke Richey – Chief Visionary Officer, Gravity Jack, Inc.