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Developer Tips

How To Optimize Your Website for iPad & Mobile Responsiveness for Tablets

Even the cleanest, best designed sites can fall victim to the awkward middle-ground of responsive website design and development that tablets create. Then consider plugin content and a host of other issues and you’re sometimes not sure where to start. So how do you ensure that people experiencing your site on one of the world’s […]

Apple iAd Do’s & Don’ts – What You Need To Know About Apple’s Advertising

The iAd advertising platform provides developers and agencies new opportunities to generate revenue and promote their apps. You add banner or full-screen advertisements to your application’s user interface; Apple sells advertising space and delivers ads to fill these spaces. You earn revenue when users view or interact with ads displayed by your application.

What’s New In iOS 7 – Everything Developers Need To Know

What’s new in iOS 7.0 iOS 7 is a major update with compelling features for developers to incorporate into their apps. The user interface has been completely redesigned. In addition, iOS 7 introduces a new animation system for creating 2D and 2.5D games. Multitasking enhancements, peer-to-peer connectivity, and many other important features make iOS 7 […]