5 Steps, One Big Win: How Our Software Development Process Creates Client Success

Whether you are are a new-comer to the mobile app development process or have been here from the start, you’ve probably discovered that sometimes the software development process is highly over-complicated. Now, don’t get us wrong. One of the most important campaigns or pieces to your marketing efforts these days is having a mobile presence, a captivating, efficient website, and the software to support your sales and other business processes. It’s extremely important that all of this is done professionally and by someone with a lot of experience, but it’s 2014. It shouldn’t be as hard as it’s portrayed to be sometimes.

The reality? It’s not.

Gravity Jack was founded by a team of people who have worked in a “typical” agency — and we saw it firsthand. Software should be lean, powerful, efficient and backed by analytics that not only prove ROI, but show it in a tangible way — that you can understand. Quite simply, that’s why we made it that way.

We’ve turned the software development process into an expertise led, customer-experience focused, understandable process that results in more excitement, than headache. It’s worked and our clients love it!

Even better, we made it into a cool parallax page, that walks you right through it. See it for yourself!

Check out the process, now!