A Hero is Here! “Experience: Gravity Jack” Augmented Reality (AR) App Now Available!

Augmented Reality Experience Gravity Jack Visual Search

:: A Hero is Here: The Gravity Jack Experience ::

It’s 2013. In a world plagued by lame marketing gimmicks and irrelevant information, a desperate cry is heard. The world needs a hero…and he’s never been closer.

Gravity Jack is armed with mind-blowing augmented reality technology and infinite visual search and will stop at nothing to save you (and your marketing). Be prepared to merge the digital and real worlds together, unlocking the world around you. Welcome to The Gravity Jack Experience.

Use “The Gravity Jack Experience” App for iPad to scan each of the pages within your limited edition “Experience: Gravity Jack” comic book. You’ll learn about our hero while experiencing your own powers, firsthand, through augmented reality.

Scan each advertisement to instantly view interactive content, capable of being targeted to specific demographics. It may come in the form of 3D models of your favorite movie characters, high definition video of that watch you’ve had your eye on and much more — all infused with social interaction so you can share your experience with anyone.

A hero has arrived. It’s called Gravity Jack augmented reality. Experience it here.

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:: What is Augmented Reality (AR) and Visual Search?

Augmented reality (AR) allows you to view the real world all around you, while amazing multimedia is merged effortlessly, right into what you’re seeing. Gravity Jack has created the world’s only visual search engine, capable of infinite image recognition. This means you can scan the world around you and, with no effort at all, experience amazing content, targeted to you.

Augmented reality, the way it should be: simple, powerful and seamless.

*Please Note: “The Gravity Jack Experience” iPad app is for use with the “Experience: Gravity Jack” augmented reality and visual search comic book. Use this app to scan each page within the book — including advertisements — to experience 3D, interactive and engaging augmented reality, like never before: seamless, powerful and effortless. To receive your own copy of the comic book, or to get started on your own custom AR, contact Gravity Jack on our Facebook page (after, of course, giving us a Like!)