Amazon hacked

In college I had a crazy comp sci instructor who was explaining 56-bit DES encryption and telling the class why it was unbreakable (without ten years of computational time on modern machinery). Before you think this dates me to when Charles Babbage was kicking around, let me assure you she had no clue what she was talking about. I brought in an article for the class the next day showing how two Israeli students broke it with a 486 processor with in an hour.
Nothing is un-hackable, nothing is secure, and digital rights management (DRM) is retarded. When is the world going to wake up and realize you can’t make a puzzle that us nerds aren’t going to want to solve. The harder you make a DRM, the more unbreakable you make it, the MORE we will attack it. I speak for my brethren 😉
Once again that little patch of sand in the middle east gets to claim some hack fame because they hacked the Amazon e-book format. Now if you want to copy your books and read them on the upcoming Apple Tablet no problem.
Media companies this your notice, just sell it at a good value and nobody will bother to steal it. It is about value addition not thievery. Fear will only cost you money. iTunes figured it out and it worked… watch them do it again with a new ebook format.
Source code is below. Enjoy!