Android vs iPhone

With the announcement of the iPhone 4G, many people are wondering if they should hold out for the iPhone 4G or if they should make the switch to Android. The current line of Android phones has given Apple a run for their money. Below are a list of features that currently set the Android apart from the current iPhone operating system.
1. Tethering
Because of the openness of applications that are available on the Android platform, users can download various applications that provide the ability to tether.  This makes it possible to use your mobile phone as connection to the internet should you be somewhere where there is no freely available wifi. There are options that are available for tethering the iPhone, however, most require that you unlock your phone which voids the warranty and restricts updates.
3. It plays Flash
Although the flash support for Android has been reported to be sub-par, it exists, which is more then what the iPhone has.  Currently flash is not available on the iPhone, and it does not look like that is a trend that is going to change.
4. It has open apps
The Android has open applications which means, unlike Apple, anyone can release an applicaiton despite the targeted audience or purpose. Although Android has an app-store developer can release their applications independently.
5. It multitasks
From the beginning the Android platform allowed for multitasking.  Although it has been announced that the iPhone 4G operating system will have multitasking, current versions of operating system restrict running multiple applications at once.
6. Carrier choice
The Android has surpassed the iPhone in the US market-share, and much of this can be attributed to the fact that Android is available on multiple devices and among the top selling phones with in all the top carriers. Even AT&T now has an Android phone.  The sad fact is that the Apple iPhone is only available on AT&T.