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As America’s leading provider of custom augmented reality apps and campaigns, Gravity Jack does plenty of research into what companies, agencies, advertising firms and design studios are looking for when it comes to effective marketing. Today’s consumers are growing increasingly saturated with gimmicky (and dare we say cheesy) marketing techniques and passive, static advertisements. Brands and marketing teams everywhere are growing tired of spending money on gimmicky ‘new and cutting-edge’ experiences — hoping to catch a fleeting moment of relevance and convert. Behind all the budgets, gimmicks, campaigns and “content” — it’s really quite simple:  


Smart, captivating and truly engaging experiences make an impression with consumers who are numbed by sponsored tweets, promoted posts and noise.

Gravity Jack is the only American company to develop and utilize our own patented mobile augmented reality technology. We’ll gladly go into details if you’d like — but what this means for you as a brand is unprecedented interaction, engagement, and return on your investment (and we’ve got the clients to prove it).

We’ve created campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands who are dedicated to getting the most out of every budget dollar. When you provide the opportunity for consumers to view, interact, manipulate, learn and love your product — extremely similar to how they would in the real world — with an extremely low level of risk for both the consumer and the brand, you provide a trusting product experience like never before. We provide you analytics on each and every experience, giving you the eyes to see and maximize the most effective ways you’re reaching your consumers.


We’d love to speak with you and your team about just how amazing this experience can be, and work to tailor a customized plan, design and product experience.

At Gravity Jack, we provide the most powerful custom augmented reality experiences at a fraction of the cost, because of our local, personal and industry-expert staff.


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