Creating A Shopping Cart

For many developers , the humble shopping cart holds a special place in their hearts. Although PHP and My SQL are the fodder for arrange of Web applications, many developers learned their trade with the ambition to write the ubiquitous shopping cart. If there is a Zen to Web development, it is likely to be experienced while writing shopping cart.. Its a helpful tool for a web development firm and web design ecommerce solutions. Although a common sight on the Web, shopping carts do come in a variety of different flavors. The various incarnation typically differ in ways that are specific to the the type of business using software by the different ecommerce solutions firms. If you have worked in the restaurant or sales industry in the past, then you are probably familiar with the concept of up-selling. Up-selling is the practice of offering additional products or services to a customer based on their original search criteria or purchases. For example, if an individual is about to purchase an MP3 player, then an appropriate up-sell would be to recommend a set of headphones to go with the MP3 player. Many shopping carts offer this kind of feature in a automated fashion, allowing the webmaster to create groups of related products that can be sold together. These groups of products are then used to create recommendations for the customer at checkout time. This kind of feature will not only enhance the convenience of your customer’s shopping experience, but it will also increase your sales revenue as well!Most customer’s are more inclined to buy a product or service when they see that previous customer’s have been satisfied with it in the past. Customer confidence is a crucial aspect in encouraging the sales of your products, and there is no better way to establish trust than through genuine user reviews. A good shopping cart will allow your customer’s to view reviews of the product they are purchasing, thereby prompting them to complete the sale. It is also optimal to have a shopping cart that encourages new customers to leave their own reviews.
Author: Reelay John
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