Fox News: Oscar Mayer Wienermobile App Features Gravity Jack Development, Augmented Reality

We’re proud to report that Fox News has completed a fantastic story on not only one of our greatest clients, but the project itself!
Oscar Mayer was recently featured in a “My America” story that covers the history and timeless American sentiment towards the Wienermobile, as well as the future of the brand and the lives of the current hotdogger team. After discussing the invaluable face-to-face interaction that the world-famous Oscar Mayer team has in virtually every city across the country, the story goes on to feature the all new Wienermobile app (available for free download now), featuring augmented reality, mobile gaming and so much more!
The best news? The app was strategized, designed and developed by none other than Gravity Jack! We couldn’t be more excited about the app, the positive feedback its received, and partnerships with fantastic clients like Oscar Mayer!
For more information on the Oscar Mayer relationship and the Wienermobile app, or to download the app — visit the official press release, here: