Getting Jack’d at Arnold Sports Festival!

Gravity Jack is at it again, and this time it’s three times the pound-age! Grab your kettle bells, bench presses, and lifting belts because we are live at the 2012 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio!
Through partnerships with, Abby Fox Fitness, and official webcaster for the event, Brooke Erickson, Gravity Jack has provided each with state of the art augmented reality-enhanced materials! Banners at the event will feature pure AR where users can visit social media links, websites, and even vote interactively on who they believe should win in a number of events!
Here’s a screenshot, followed by some photos, of the action! To read more on what we’ve done, check out our official press release, here!

That AR looks good!

Trying out AR!
The Competition!
Gravity Jack AR!