Gravity Jack is at CES 2012…in Vegas, Baby!

Jackpot! Start the scrolling marquees and cue the flashing lights because Gravity Jack is hitting Vegas, baby!
For the first time since Gravity Jack has decided to take over the world, we’re hitting the world famous CES conference in Las Vegas, NV.
While in Vegas, we’ll be meeting with some great people and further solidifying our plans of bringing augmented reality to the masses! Follow this blog post for all the latest photos and updates, below!
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Let the photo’s begin!
[The Gravity Jack CES 2012 team in Spokane, through the gate, and cleared for takeoff!]

[The team ready to hit CES in true Gravity Jack fashion.]

[CES 2012, Baby!]

[The CES 2012 chariot, for the Vegas Strip.]

[Aston Martin, baby! Boosh.]