Hot & Steamy August with WWE Augmented Reality!

Hot & Steamy August with WWE!

It’s a hot one! WWE & Gravity Jack team up to lay the smackdown, your monthly marketing lesson and more free downloads!

Gravity Jack & WWE Tag-Team for Marketing Smackdown!

You heard right! In July’s newsletter we hinted at what would be a fantastic new relationship between Gravity Jack custom software and one of the biggest brand names in sports — and now, it’s here!

Gravity Jack and the WWE have partnered up to create an amazing augmented reality mobile experience, packed with digital scavenger hunts, exclusive behind-the-scenes content and…hey, in true augmented reality fashion, it’s made quite a splash!

The app is currently available for download in the Canadian market. Learn more, by reading the press release, available here — eh? (See what we did there?)

“Nobody wants your ads.”

This month’s lesson might sound harsh, but it’s true. Think about your opinion of advertisements. What is it that engages you? Time’s up: Today’s customer wants a story — an experience they can relate to and something they can be (and more importantly, feel) a part of. People are happy to consider an investment in your product or service but, in return, we want something genuine — a connection. Just in case you were wondering…hot air doesn’t fall in the list of things people want.

Thought to consider: Are your campaigns blowing minds, engaging consumers and telling a story…or are you breaking the hot air rule?


This Month’s VIP Free Downloads:

Some of the latest, awesome projects from Gravity Jack!

KuKee & Hello Kitty from Evy of California (a leader in child fashion) allows users to unlock zany, fun and crazy experiences, just by scanning their new shirt, dress or the marker that came with their snazzy new ‘back to school’ outfit. 

Bring the fun back to playtime with KuKee! Visit the site to learn more, locate the clothing, and download the app!

TagSale is here to set you free from bad selling, buying and the overall sketchy ‘craigslist experience.’ Upgrade to ‘TagSale’ and simply snap, tag what is for sale in the photo, and post it to your local area! 

TagSale comes complete with maps, a beautiful design and a whole lot of peace of mind. Download now!

Copyright © 2013 Gravity Jack, Inc., All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2013 Gravity Jack, Inc., All rights reserved.