INLANDER | Calculating The Future: Featuring Gravity Jack!

Gravity Jack was recently featured in the Northwest’s own INLANDER, in an article titled, “Calculating the Future” — You can find a portion of the excerpt on Gravity Jack below, but please be sure to visit the full publication online right here! A huge thanks to The Inlander’s Daniel Walters for the hard work on this great article!


Innovation hasn’t always thrived in the Inland Northwest. That may be beginning to change.

Daniel Walters | Tuesday, November 27, 2012

…Gravity Jack CEO Luke Richey, with a blond goatee and blue jeans held up with a Star Wars belt, scrawls his vision for the future on the conference room whiteboard. “That will be 2014 — you’ll see medical applications for augmented reality,” Richey says. “[In] 2016, there will be a trend of putting on goggles and interacting with computers without ever having a screen. That’s my belief.”

Granted, he admits his optimism occasionally outpaces reality. But even now, in 2012, Gravity Jack’s written a software engine that can not only search the real world — recognizing real-life objects with a smartphone — it can lay a three-dimensional image or video on top of it.

They can embed almost any visual sight with information: A movie poster turns into a movie trailer; a magazine photo transforms to a behind-the-scenes video; a Coca-Cola can becomes a Coke commercial.

“I’ve got a group of scientists back here, not just software developers,” Richey says. “These guys literally dream in math.”

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