iOS or Android: Why Your Business Desperately Needs A Mobile App


Chances are, the world of business is completely different from when you started. With the wave of internet and small business, websites became one of the most (if not the most) important facet of your marketing and sales process. What was once a commodity reserved for the big brands and corporate businesses, is now without a question, a must-have for any small business or local ‘mom and pop’ storefront. Just when you got caught up — smartphones! Apps and web apps — all new ways to reach consumers on a more person level than ever. Sound familiar?

As a small business, advertising agency, marketing team or even a corporate, household name — one thing remains true: If you’re not constantly working to reach consumers in new and cutting-edge ways, you’re losing potential consumers. Consumers are becoming increasingly saturated with (and used to) old marketing techniques, billboards, advertising and magazine pages. The value of the ‘impression’ is dropping, and the value of true interaction, engagement and conversion is growing by the minute. If you’re 95% of business owners — you could use more business, and know the real value of just a small number of new consumers, leads and sales.

Your consumers rely on mobile devices hundreds of times a day for information and commerce.

Mobile Apps are one of the most engaging and versatile ways for reaching quality people who won’t just see your content — they want it in their pocket, everyday.

Consider this — Today’s mobile technology allows mobile apps to do far more than even websites, when it comes to knowing, interacting with and capturing your audience. Apps serve as a one-stop focal point for your complete business, thanks to:

  • Instant E-commerce (Secure, one-tap purchasing of any of your products or services)
  • 3D product display, allowing users to experience your product (and fall in love) without any risk
  • Location information (providing users with custom information for the fastest way to you from exactly where they are!)
  • Viral social media integration – Social media is the new “word of mouth” and when someone has the option to share you with their trusted networks — they become evangelists!
  • Extensive analytics – Allowing you to truly know your consumer better than ever. Age, gender, location and even how long they spent with your products! Can you say leads!?
  • Digital, visually engaging content – Study after study has shown that visually stimulating content (photos, videos, etc…) are exponentially more powerful when engaging consumers than text. Your own app allows you to update the images and videos your consumers see instantly — for free.

The list goes on, but the reality can be summed up with one, simple (and potentially sobering) sentence:

If your business is ignoring mobile apps, you are missing out on consistent, quality revenue.

How could your business benefit from more consumer interaction?

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