Jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod and iPad


So the easiest jailbreak ever has been released! I am not sure I recommend doing a jailbreak unless you are prepared technically to handle a restore of your device but there are a lot of cool benefits to jailbreaking : Installing non apple approved apps that can add a boatload of features, change the look at feel, it gives you full control, you can use tethering and lastly it allows you to use the phone on other providers other than AT&T. 🙂 iPhone4NEWx380BlackWhite

Comex, an iPhone hacker has announced a new browser-based jailbreak tool for jailbreaking any Apple iPhone, iPod Touch (iOS 4.0.1) and iPad (iOS 3.2.1). It removes the process of connecting cables with your computer to jailbreak your iOS powered devices.

Jailbreakme is an online tool where you can easily jailbreak your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch  simply by visiting the website from your Apple iDevices and this all procedure is legal and official. This is the simplest jailbreak tool you have ever used. No download is required. All you have to do is to launch Safari on your iPhone, iPad or your iPod Touch and type http://www.jailbreakme.com. Just slide the “slide to jailbreak” slider to start the jailbreak process.

The Library of Congress has made iPhone jailbreaking legal, but Apple still said that it will void your warranty. So, use it at your own risk.