Receive a new smartphone or tablet this Christmas? Load it up! browsAR 3.2 is now available!

Were you the recipient of a brand new smartphone or tablet this Christmas? Good news, browsAR 3.2 is now available! Download browsAR 3.2 today!

What’s new in 3.2:

  • We tidied up the way that content caches on your device (if you let it).
  • Buttons that you view in AR (to go to a website, like a post, share on Facebook, etc…) have been cleaned up and look much nicer!
  • Screenshot capability! AR is something you have to experience so we gave you the ability to capture what you see in AR and share with the world.

    What is browsAR?

    browsAR is the all-in-one app for experiencing the world of augmented reality and visual search, all around you! Augmented Reality and browsAR allow you to experience social media, marketing, entertainment, shopping and more the way that it should be, featuring:

  • Visual Search: Create and view amazing AR content, using any image in the world. Train your photos, posters, album art, logos and more to show any kind of multimedia you want — including video! Best of all? It’s free!
  • Social Media: Checking in to a coffee shop? Posting a photo to Facebook? Or maybe just updating your status? When you post using browsAR, your updates hang in virtual augmented reality space. When your friends use browsAR to scan the real world around them, they see your check-ins, reviews, photos, and more…right where you left them.
  • Streaming AR Media Player: You are free to view fully-interactive multimedia like videos, 3D characters, buttons to websites, social media and more without any restrictions! We’ve given browsAR the ability to stream content in augmented reality, getting you a mind-blowing augmented reality experience faster than ever!
  • Weather: Augmented Reality is all about experiencing the world around you. As part of our beautiful new interface, get local information about where you are right now. This information is presented in a subtle, artistic way so you can keep right on scanning! Tap the weather info to get all the details you need!


    Also, an amazing new take on social media…