Remember, Remember the First of November


What do Seabiscuit, The European Union, and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel have in common? Easy. They all could have made November 1st the greatest day in history…
Unfortunately for them, Gravity Jack hit the scene, called shotgun, and gave Sistine Chapel the backseat for the “Drop off Biscuit at the Glue Factory” road trip.
All joking aside, the first of November is the single greatest day in history, for one reason: Gravity Jack was born. If you know anything about us…you know the party started two years ago. It’s a party called augmented reality and you’re all invited.
When Luke Richey, our CEO, founded Gravity Jack on November 1, 2009, the company was five employees strong, with big dreams. Now, just two years later, Gravity Jack is 38 strong, and those dreams have become our reality. After all, creating reality is what we do.
We’ve always known that augmented reality is the future; but seeing it in action, just two years down the road, is beyond exciting. Business is booming, in a time where not everybody is experiencing the same, and we consider ourselves blessed. We’ve found that people want the very best, and when it’s offered, it’s no wonder why a company like Gravity Jack works. It’s this mindset that drives Gravity Jack’s every movement. I’m serious. You’d have to ask our developers, but I am certain our systems run entirely off of self-motivational audiotapes.
We, simply, have to be the best. Ask anyone (yes, even Siri), and they’ll tell you that we’re going to keep pushing forward to provide you with the most innovative solutions, for years to come.
So, don’t worry about presents. We’ve already given ourself a fresh, new office. As a matter of fact, we went out of our way and got you a little something, from Gravity Jack, and it’s coming very soon. In the meantime, keep showing the love and ride the Gravity Jack train, right in to the future of augmented reality.
Happy Birthday, Gravity Jack.
– Jack