Case Study | Sumitomo Revolutionizes The Product Experience Using Augmented Reality Virtual Product Display


About Sumitomo & The Need

Sumitomo Drive Technologies, a leading provider of high-quality transmission products, gearboxes, gearmotors and services came to Gravity Jack seeking an innovative, revolutionary way to share the new Cyclo® BBB product line. With a heavy, large and complex product, Sumitomo saw room for improvement in the way that consumers were able to experience, learn about and understand the benefits and superior performance of their product. In addition to streamlining the ways in which they were able to share the Cyclo® BBB product line, it was also extremely important to Sumitomo that they were able to provide the same high-standard of service for consumers, to help bring the experience full circle. For this reason, the solution needed to give consumers an opportunity to connect directly to representatives and online resources.

Why Gravity Jack

Since 2009, Gravity Jack has been a leader in virtual product experiences. Simply put, Gravity Jack offers clients with a partner in the success of each campaign, from the brainstorming phases — through to product release and testing.

In addition to Gravity Jack’s extensive work and library of patents in computer vision and 3D augmented reality, the team boasts a complete in-house development and marketing solution. Each campaign is backed by the American team, with creative direction, 3D design, texturing, rigging and animation, graphic design, expert cross-platform development, project management and marketing.
Gravity Jack excels by offering:

  • Expert team, with patents for computer recognition and 3D augmented reality

  • In-house wireframes, design, development, 3D artists, project management, marketing & more — providing a complete solution.

  • Experience working with large brands, and an awareness of the importance that every experience match the culture, standards and quality — acting as an extension of the brand itself.

  • Powerful analytics, informing brands of the true and measurable impact, tangible ROI, and user experience.

  • Agile development model, allowing clients to add features, pivot or make changes if need be — throughout development.

  • Open, transparent communication, with 24/7 insight to project progress, with state-of-the-art tools and dedicated project management

  • Gravity Jack ensures that each client owns the project at all times.

The Solution:

Gravity Jack designed and built a completely custom mobile product experience, available free on Apple’s App Store, that allows the user to customize the Cyclo® BBB products by selecting and viewing a product virtually, in real space — as though the item is sitting in front of the user.

In addition to simply viewing and customizing the item, users can spin, rotate, zoom and even explode the product to view each individual part and learn in detail precisely what sets Sumitomo’s product lines above the rest.

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From the Client:

    “On behalf of Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA), I would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for the hard work of the entire Gravity Jack team. Our experience with Gravity Jack has been overwhelmingly positive. The services, professionalism and results of our working partnership with Gravity Jack have exceeded our expectations. The results of this relationship, even in the earlier, less-polished stages have been widely and positively received by our sales force, select customers, internal employees and overseas sister and parent companies. Demos of the application were presented at our parent company’s headquarters in Tokyo, Japan in May and quickly got the attention of international heads of R&D, Marketing, Sales, IT and Operations. For Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America, this is a step forward in app development and promotional tool development; for our industry, this is a giant leap in technology and innovative brand promotion.”
    Hollis Murphy, Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America