Thanks to Augmented Reality, Nokia’s “In A Relationship.”

Score another clutch move for the augmented reality world. Friday morning, Nokia went to, “In A Relationship.” (No need to go run and check Facebook. That was a metaphor. Gravity Jack: 1, You: Nerd.)
The better half in this relationship? Vuzix, a leader in personal video-eyewear. The reason? A project that could help bring augmented reality technology further to the forefront.
Only a licensing agreement between the two companies has been met, but it could soon allow mobile interfaces to be displayed, via Vuzix’s eyewear– providing the public with one more convenient interface for augmented reality. Imagine seeing all your mobile content floating above the ground in front of you, or playing table tennis on a virtual table in your living room. Come to think of it, it sounds like our office now…
Either way, technology hardware companies (realizing it’s about time to hop on this thing) are a serious step in getting the non-augmented realists, or “ignorants” for short, to think in terms of AR.
Here’s the concept video that’s been floating around, from Nokia:
So, who’s to say when we’ll see any offspring from this “No-zix” relationship? Not us…but for now, we’re lining up the Lakka and toasting to Nokia for pushing forward. Cheers!
– Jack