Jack’s Top 10 in 10 Technology Predictions

I wanted to give everyone an idea on where we will be in 10 years on the technology front – so you can say that you heard it first from Jack. We are at the crux of an exponential boom in technology. Before you think Jack had another “All work and no play day” check the links!
1) You will pop in contacts and see and experience a world that you control the opacity on – a world that isn’t there while you still move about in the real world. Eventually the contacts will stimulate your rods and cones directly via directed photon beams.
2) We will fully harness the kinetic energy as you move and send that power wirelessly to devices that are embedded into the fabric of your clothes. In fact your clothes will be a mesh of programmable circuitry that can run different software depending on what you download into it.
3) Our very fabric of knowledge will be internet based. Scientists have already shown our methods for accessing our memory has changed – we think in keywords and augmented reality will enhance what you know through direct brain injection. The contacts above will be transmitting video to your clothes which will analyze, record and enhance what you are looking at. Imagine talking to that person you can’t remember their name, and your “fabric” recognizes the person, pulls up the audio and does voice recognition on it. Bam their name is semi transparently overlaid into your line of site and a subtext of . If you don’t have A.D.D. then something is wrong with you.
4) Programmers will meld the efficiencies of the brain with quantum computing and the storage efficiencies of modern computing. In other words our computers will be as cool and functional as our brains but without the problems like forgetfulness. Notice I didn’t say we will have AI.
5) Your car really will be able to drive itself
6) Big Brother will be watching everything you do, a neural network will be monitoring video and analyzing events in real time to predict problems, riots, injuries, and yes maintain control.
7) You will do business in a virtual world if you haven’t already. When you see people sitting on the park bench swatting at flies, well those aren’t flies. Gesture recognition is happening and they are interacting with objects only they can see. Tactile feedback is provided by the circuitry in the gloves and clothing.
8) We will “see” in different frequencies – I envision being able to see radio waves, adjust how much ultraviolet I see in my visible spectrum and translate data from behind objects so I can see what I need to see outside our current sensible perceptions.
9) At the tail end of all of this nanotech will really take off – as the Bucky ball takes its place as the biggest discovery since Gravity… machines that can do anything we can dream of at the quantum level.
10) Oh and we will discover the Higgs Boson. 😉