Unlocking AR: Augmented Reality Business Cards & Marketing Materials!

Check out this little bit of awesome.
Business cards are almost as common as the pushy guy at the bar, trying to give you a copy of one. Unlike that guy, however, business cards and marketing materials are necessary. So, is it really possible to keep your professional networking relevant and effective, while also engaging and…frankly, blowing people’s minds, consistently?
We think yes, and it’s why we’re in the press again, today!
Introducing Gravity Jack augmented reality, done for YOU. We’ve always felt that augmented reality won’t truly take over, until real, practical applications are offered to the public in a way that matters to everyday life. That’s why we’ve announced today, just a week and a half after releasing our game-changer “browsAR,” that we’re offering all the chance to hop on the AR train.
Turn your business cards, marketing materials…really anything that is an image, in to a lean, mean, mind-blowing machine. Check it out:
Yes, that is a full-grown 3D man, walking right out of our business cards. In fact, that is our CEO. Just be viewing one of our business cards, through browsAR (available free on Apple’s App Store, and the Android Market), full-interactive content comes to life.
We’re talking:
– 2D animations
-2D video
-3D animations/models
-3D video
-Logic (buttons you can push to do ANYTHING. For example: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Yes, even e-commerce…Donations, merchandising, and more!)
-Ability for people to instantly add your business contact information directly to their mobile device’s address book
-Literally, anything you can imagine.
Check out the full press release, featuring our announcement HERE.
Or, peep the video below to see our tech in action!