AR is Gravity Jack’s flagship software and provides an environment where technology and the human experience are seamlessly combined. Augmented reality places dynamic digital content within a real-world setting and is proving to be a game-changer when it comes to the manufacturing, education, healthcare, and entertainment industries.

Companies adopting AR are seeing a large increase in efficiency and safety. Instead of long training seminars and pages of user manuals, AR can produce real-time instructions on the job site in real-time. AR is also enhancing the customer service experience as users can video call with live tech support. Tech support can see what the user is looking at and walk them through potential fixes by drawing on their screen and adding animations. Additionally, the emergence of AR-enabled head-mounted displays (HMDs), is accelerating the role that augmented reality plays in our daily lives — from the way we travel to the way we interact with media.



No App? No Problem — we create WebAR experiences. WebAR is short for “web-based augmented reality”, or simply, AR content that is displayed using a smartphone’s web browser. These unique experiences allow users to skip downloads at the App Store and jump right into the action — making augmented reality more accessible than ever!

To activate a WebAR experience, users will simply use the standard camera app on their phone to scan an image. Once scanned, the user will automatically be redirected to a website where the AR experience has been developed. Similar to standard Augmented Reality experiences, WebAR will use the phone’s camera to blend digital content with a real-world environment. Whether it’s virtually placing products in a home or a face filter, WebAR provides tons of engagement without the need to download an app.


Platform Agnostic

Our software is compatible with any device


Microsoft's hands-free AR solution for businesses

iOS Devices

Leverage Apple's ARKit for increased performance

Android Devices

Leverage Android's ARCore for increased performance

8th Wall

Gravity Jack is a premier partner with the industry-leading WebAR platform

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