A Gravity Jack Birthday (Augmented Reality Style) – Video

As you know from our previous blog, the month of November means birthday, here at Gravity Jack. We just turned two, and if you haven’t stopped by our birthday blog, be sure to check it out, but here’s an exclusive, behind the scenes look, at some of the festivities that went down.
In celebration of the two years that Gravity Jack has spent, kickin’ ass and takin’ names, we ordered a cake, and threw a bit of a party. Using Gravity Jack swag (a little augmented reality trick called “natural feature tracking”), the team surprised the office with a cake, in a way only we could: one where the only candles were augmented. We were able to, not only see the candles explode out of the cake, but also blow out the candles (using the iPad’s microphone), in true celebratory fashion. Check out the video, below, to see our augmented reality party!
All people appearing in the video are real employees, doing all of our own stunts.
A huge thanks to our buddy Austin, at Sure Shot Video, for bringing this video (and the party) to you.